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This Week @ Refuge 1/22/2017

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Week of 1/22-28 

Ministry Highlights:

  • We have launched a brand-new, mobile friendly website where you can:
    • View the church calendar
    • Learn the basics of our church mission, vision, and values
    • View select sermons and series
    • Sign up for baptism or Inside the City

Visit refugechurchmiami.org and point friends and family to our new website for more info about who we are!

  • We will be collecting our First Fruit offering on February 5. Please consider a gift of $250 over and above your regular tithe for this offering, though the amount isn’t what’s important.
  • Our first Baptism of 2017 will take place next Sunday. If you are interested, please sign up at the What’s Happening at the City table or sign up on our new website.
  • We still have space available in our “Praying like Jesus Prayed” Next Steps class. Get more info and sign up at the What’s Happening at the City table. You can also add yourself to the waiting list for the “Getting the Most of Studying Your Bible” class.


  • Kingdom Seekers Bible study is Wednesday at 7:30pm. Food and fellowship begins at 6:30pm
  • If you desire a copy of your giving statement, please contact the church office at or 305-233-9547 from 10am-2pm Mondays-Thursdays.
  • City Café is accepting applications for teens (ages 13+) and adult volunteers. Please visit Sis. Yvonne in the City Café if you are interested.
  • We are also accepting applications for a part time facilities care assistant. If you are interested and able to work Mon-Fri from 2-6pm, please contact the church at 305-233-9547 or .
  • If you are interested in helping out in any area of the church or if you would like to be included in the next baptismal service, please sign up at the “What’s Happening at the City” table.